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Signed, sealed, undelivered

The United Nations and Myanmar are in the process of proving that a nation on the tipping edge of being controlled by criminals can be rescued and brought back to the road to democracy.

'Sin City' races NCPO to clean up its act

Pattaya officials are racing to clean up the resort's beaches and vice spots to try to shake off the "sin city" tag and prevent the military stepping in as they have done in Phuket and Hua Hin.

Life on the streets gets tougher for ladyboys

Ladyboy prostitute Gam is used to being arrested, paying a fine to police for soliciting, and then being released almost immediately to continue her work.  

Brawling soldiers thrown into jail

The army has jailed a group of soldiers for getting into a brawl with air force officers and given their leader additional duties cleaning and cooking for other inmates.

Sugar expansion could depress prices

The military government wants to increase sugarcane planting at a time when world sugar prices are at a seven-month low because of a supply glut.

Experts clash on surrogacy proposals

Physicians are divided over which women qualify as surrogate mothers in the proposed draft bill.

Siriraj Medical Museum - Educational, entertaining and eviscerating

If you're feeling jaded by all the temples, malls, eateries and other entertainment in Bangkok, then try a visit to Siriraj Medical Museum. There you'll find a mummified serial killer, giant testicles, deformed foetuses, cadavers of important people, stone tools from prehistoric times, a mysterious boat, exhibits for blind people and much more. The museum was originally set up as a place...

Prayuth admits generals will join cabinet

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha gave the public a glimpse of his cabinet for the first time on Friday, confirming that the line-up will include military officers.

Myanmar beauty queen flees with crown

YANGON: A Myanmar beauty queen who was stripped of her title for allegedly being "rude and dishonest" to her sponsors has been accused of running off with her $100,000 jewelled crown.

'Kamnan Sia' gets year in prison for land encroachment

The Criminal Court on Friday sentenced Pracha Pothipipit to one year in jail for illegally occupying two plots of public land in two provinces.

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