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Asiad kicks off 'Gangnam Style'

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA - Pop star Psy kicked off the Asian Games "Gangnam Style" in an energetic, K-Pop-fuelled ceremony Friday as North Korean athletes received loud cheers from South Korean fans.

Prayut: Tourist and student safety a must

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has demanded fast action to improve tourist safety, saying the country would have "no future" if more incidents such as the Koh Tao murders occur.

Asian Games kick off in Incheon

The 17th Asian Games begin in Incheon, South Korea, on Sept 19, 2014, in a spectacular opening ceremony.

A day in photos

Two cars and three pandas which look exactly the same are featured events on Sept 19, 2014.

'Unelected' Prayut warns against political forums

Prayut Chan-o-cha reminded academics and activists on Friday that he is not an elected prime minister and said he will not allow political forums to derail his reconciliation campaign.

Rubber farmers agree to drop protest amid industry reforms

A government panel agreed Friday to expedite subsidy payments to rubber farmers in exchange for them dropping planned street protests while policymakers work to reform the industry.

Scotland rejects independence

EDINBURGH - Scotland rejected independence on Friday in a referendum that left the centuries-old United Kingdom intact but paved the way for a major transfer of powers away from London.

Results show Scotland set to reject independence

EDINBURGH, Scotland ? With most votes counted in Scotland's historic independence referendum, results show those in favour of keeping the 307-year union with England are on the edge of victory.

US waives sanctions against Thailand over human trafficking report

WASHINGTON ? President Barack Obama has decided not to impose sanctions against Thailand and Malaysia for failing to meet minimum standards in combating human trafficking.

AoT shelves phase 2 of airport plan

The board of Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) has reaffirmed its decision to put on hold the second-phase development of Suvarnabhumi airport and instead push ahead with the construction of a new passenger terminal.

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