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Somchai resigns as GLO chairman

Somchai Sujjapongse has resigned as chairman of the Government Lottery Office's board after nine months.

Indonesian execution clock ticking

CILACAP, INDONESIA ? Families of foreign drug convicts due to be executed in Indonesia issued desperate mercy pleas on Saturday as the prisoners' final hours ticked away.

7.8 magnitude quake hits Nepal

KATHMANDU ? Hundreds of people have been killed after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake in Nepal toppled scores of buildings and also triggered a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest.

Rohingya issue puts Myanmar stability at risk

UNITED NATIONS ? Stability in Myanmar's most sensitive region can't be achieved unless it addresses the issue of citizenship for minority Rohingya Muslims, the United Nations secretary-general warned its authorities Friday.

Asean common time zone 'unlikely'

A common time zone proposal for Southeast Asian nations will likely fail at an upcoming meeting of their leaders in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday as Thailand and Cambodia object, sources at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations told Kyodo News on Saturday.

Section 225 ?poses risk of meddling?

The National Reform Council (NRC) on Friday slammed a charter provision which they say could raise the risk of political meddling with the Office of the Judicial Commission (OJC).

THAI defends paying for consultants

Thai Airways International (THAI) president Charamporn Jotikasthira has defended the company's decision to hire consultant firm Bain & Company, saying it needs the world-class aviation expert to provide advice.

Prima Yontrarak bugs out

At age 18, Prima Yontrarak already has a plan ? she wants to be a researcher, a path down which she has already started.

Jump-start for oil and gas bids on tap

The Energy Ministry plans to proceed with the 21st round of bidding on concessions for oil and gas exploration immediately after the end of the three-month postponement that started in late February.

National telecom pool slated for 2015

The government plans to set up the country's first national broadband firm this year to manage and operate the telecommunications infrastructure assets pooled by the public and private sectors.

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