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Thailand Nieuws - Bangkok Post

Shot in the name of art

This short documentary celebrates the late conceptual artist Chris Burden?s landmark work "Shoot", in which a friend shot him in the arm.

Say hello to a Hello Kitty-themed restaurant

From dumplings to steamed buns and fried rice, this Hong Kong restaurant now serves Chinese food Hello Kitty-style. - REUTERS

From garage to grocery store

Small US food manufacturers once toiled for decades to develop a critical mass of fans for their products. Now, an increasing number of privately-held players are going from garage to grocery store in fewer than five years thanks to an erosion of barriers to entry within the food industry.

Tasty Thai in a trice

Thai food has unquestionably become popular internationally, which is why Thai restaurants can easily be found worldwide along with other famous and unique cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese and French.

Game on for Buri Ram

Mention Buri Ram and Phanom Rung Sanctuary, the sacred Hindu pink shrine built between the 10th to 13th centuries, springs to mind.

Transfer pricing law new weapon

Thailand's capacity for tracking how multinational companies shift income across borders within the same group to understate tax payments will increase after a transfer pricing law comes into force.

Mass graves spur new trafficking charges

Police plan to press additional charges of transnational crime against 46 of 77 suspects currently in police custody for human trafficking in the South.

France's refugee drama wins Cannes Palme d'Or

Cannes - French director Jacques Audiard's refugee drama Dheepan on Sunday won the Palme d'Or for best film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Worshippers attend last rites of monk

Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the funeral procession of the late Luang Phor Khoon in Khon Kaen province Sunday to pay their last respects to the revered monk, whose body was later moved to Srinagarind Hospital to be donated to medical study.

GLO warns '5 Tigers' to shape up

The newly-appointed military chairman of the Government Lottery Office's board has threatened to take extreme measures if the retail price of lottery tickets for the June 16 draw still exceeds 80 baht per pair.

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