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Rescued Thai Boy: ?I Was Shocked?

The 12 boys and their soccer coach were released from the hospital and made their first public appearance since they were rescued from a cave in Thailand.

Thai Cave Boys Leave Hospital and Apologize for All the Fuss

The soccer teammates say sorry to their rescuers, after a remarkable international effort to extract them from a flooded cave in northern Thailand.

What Elon Musk Should Learn From the Thailand Cave Rescue

Just because you?re a successful tech mogul doesn?t mean you know how to rescue kids trapped underground.

?Still Can?t Believe It Worked?: The Story of the Thailand Cave Rescue

It took plastic cocoons and anti-anxiety pills, bravery and providence to save the soccer team. ?So many things could have gone wrong,? said one official.

Thai Navy May Put Elon Musk?s Mini-Submarine to Use. One Day.

The military may use the tiny submarine for future rescues, though it was deemed too large and impractical to save the soccer team in the cave.

The Thai Cave Rescue: How Divers Pulled It Off

Divers played a crucial role to save the trapped members of the Wild Boars soccer team. Using the footage from inside the cave, The Times?s John Ismay, who is a former Navy diver, explains how the divers executed the mission.

What Did Baby Jessica Think of the Thai Cave Rescue? She Had No Idea It Happened

Jessica McClure Morales, who was rescued from a Texas well 31 years ago, avoids most news, choosing instead a quiet life in the country.

Does Climate Change Have Anything to Do With Floods in Thailand?

The region?s strongest rains normally begin in July, so the youth soccer team may have been caught off guard when it entered the relatively dry cave on June 23.

Can the Cave Rescue Save the Thai Government Too?

The public-relations potential of the boys? plight wasn?t lost on the junta.

Thai Soccer Team Recuperates After Rescue Mission

Doctors said the 12 boys and their coach were healing well after spending several days trapped inside a cave. They will be monitored in a quarantine room for a week to prevent against infection.