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Escort Says Audio Recordings Show Russian Meddling in U.S. Election

A Belarusian accused of involvement in a sex workshop in Thailand said she had more than 16 hours of taped conversations, including some about the presidential election.

Seeking Asylum, an Escort Has a Tale of Trump and Russia to Offer

A Belarusian model claims to have details about dealings involving the president and Russian officials ? if only someone could get her out of detention in Thailand.

Bitcoin Thieves Threaten Real Violence for Virtual Currencies

Criminals have been going after big holders of Bitcoin and Ether, taking advantage of the ease with which vast virtual currency riches can be transferred.

Thailand?s Leader Uses Cardboard Stand-In to Avoid Journalists? Questions

?Ask this guy,? Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters, then left them to direct their questions to the life-size cutout.

Zimbabwean Family Lingers in Limbo at Thai Airport for 2 Months

The eight travelers, including children, are unwilling to return home because of political uncertainty and unable to secure visas to a third country.

Lurking in Toilets, Swimming the Streets: Snakes of Bangkok Move In

The Thai capital has always been rich in reptiles, but wet weather and urban growth are creating more snake-on-human encounters of an unpleasant kind.

Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War

While the conflict is remembered rightly as a tragedy in both the United States and Vietnam, Thai soldiers are remembered as heroes.

How Not to Talk to an Ape Smuggler

On the trail of real wildlife smugglers, our correspondent finds himself in a journalistic pickle.

Thailand Mourns King Bhumibol in a Solemn Spectacle

The pomp and pageantry of Thailand?s monarchy were on display for the cremation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Thailand Prepares for a King?s $90 Million Cremation Ceremony

In Bangkok, residents have folded more than 10 million flowers made of sandalwood to help guide the king?s soul to the afterworld.