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Thailand Police Arrest Activists, Escalating Protest Crackdown

Rappers, a lawyer and other government critics have been accused of sedition, a crime that can carry a 7-year prison sentence.

Tres veces secuestrada: así funciona el negocio de los raptos corporativos

Los divorcios y separaciones que traspasan fronteras alimentan un turbio negocio de ?agentes de recuperación? que cobran por reunir a los hijos con uno de los padres.

?You Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant?

A new generation of activists in Thailand is moving away from coded criticism of the military and the monarchy, and publicly calling for wholesale democratic reform.

Thousands Defy Thai Monarchy in Mass Demonstration

At least 10,000 protesters gathered around Democracy Monument in Bangkok in Thailand?s largest rally since a coup in 2014.

Protests Grow in Thailand, Where Speaking Out Can Be Perilous

Demonstrators are demanding change in a country with a long history of suppressing dissent. Some protesters are even defying the taboo against criticizing the monarchy.

Protests Take On Thai Monarchy, Despite Laws Banning Such Criticism

The rare questioning of Thailand?s royal family comes as student-led demonstrations have gained momentum, testing the government and the boundaries of strict lèse-majesté laws.

The Three Abductions of N.: How Corporate Kidnapping Works

When estranged parents take children across borders, a shadowy industry of ?recovery agents? can get them back ? for a fee.

Students in Thailand Stage Rallies Urging Military to Leave Politics

On Monday, students held an antigovernment protest at Thammasat University in Bangkok.

In Thailand, Students Take on the Military (and ?Death Eaters?)

Thousands of young people, borrowing from Harry Potter and other pop culture touchstones, are calling on the army and its allies to get out of politics.

These Monkeys Were Once Revered. Now They Are Taking Over.

The monkeys of Lopburi, Thailand, were once a draw for tourists and pilgrims who would feed them. But with few recent visitors, the monkeys are getting hungry ? and aggressive.